Care & Use

We feel the glorious tradition and colorful artistry of our ceramics far outweigh the little extra care they require. We hope you enjoy using them in your home.

Maiolica is not as hard as porcelain or china; it is earthenware that is low-fired and as a result is more susceptible to chipping. With that in mind if you follow these simple steps your will be sure to have these treasured pieces in your collection for generations.

Dishwashing is safe on the low-heat cycle and caution should be used when loading , placing pieces far apart to avoid potential chipping. We recommend hand washing.

All tableware is lead safe. Some decorative pieces are labeled "For Decoration" if there is any question of lead levels.

Maiolica is NOT microwave or oven safe.

Temper dishes and serving pieces before serving very hot foods or liquids to avoid possible thermal shock and cracking.